98 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries to be closed in Michigan

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on September 13, 2018.

As many as 98 medical marijuana dispensaries will have to shut down in Michigan under new emergency rules adopted by the state Tuesday.

The 98 dispensaries will close their doors as they haven’t submitted the second step of the application in a timely manner or at all after submitting their initial applications by February 15.

The Medical Marijuana Licensing Board is all set to serve them the cease and desist orders next week, following which the norm violators must shut down their dispensaries.

The state will release the list of the 98 dispensaries later this month. If they continue operating, the owners risk not being able to get a license at all.

On the other hand, about 108 medical marijuana dispensaries that have been operating while they’re waiting for the board’s consideration for their application for a license will get to stay open until December. 

As per reports, these 108 medical marijuana dispensaries, which got their initial applications in by February 15, had submitted the second step of the application process by June 15.

More than 200 dispensaries that were operating, but didn't submit applications for licenses, were issued cease and desist letters from the state in March ordering them to shut down.

The new December 15 deadline is the third time the department has extended the deadline for dispensaries to get a license or shut down.

The medical marijuana became legal in Michigan after voters approved it in 2008. The state will consider legalizing weed for recreational use on Nov. 6.

The licensing of recreational marijuana businesses, if gets approved by voters, will be the responsibility of LARA, not the politically-appointed board that hands out licenses for medical marijuana businesses.

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