Merced bans sale and cultivation of Medical Marijuana

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on January 05, 2016.

The Merced City Council has introduced an ordinance, putting a ban on the sale and cultivation of medical marijuana. The council unanimously passed the ordinance with a 6-0 vote, which establishes city's control over marijuana cultivation and sales. The Councilmen had a long debate whether to regulate or ban medical marijuana before passing the ordinance.

The City Council said the decision to bring an ordinance was not aimed at blocking the legalization or putting people out of business. Rather, the move should be seen as at attempt to put things under the control of the City so that no nuisances happen in future. The ordinance does not take effect immediately. It will be put again for approval at the end of the month.

Cultivation and sales of cannabis have never been legal in Merced City. But, a large number of residents have been fighting for long to legalize medical marijuana with a series of arguments. Many people were seen standing in support of a regulation so that they can be able to run a marijuana business or buy medical marijuana in the city. However, the total ban came as a big shock and surprise to them.

Most people, unlike the Councilmen, bat for a strong regulation so that medical marijuana is allowed with riders and select individuals or businesses get the license under the ambit of law. They keep talking about the benefits of medical marijuana and how it helps the patients overcome the trauma and stress.

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