Senators to visit Colorado to understand Marijuana Policy

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on December 07, 2015.

The Special Senate Committee on Marijuana, led by Winchester Democrat Sen. Jason Lewis, will visit Colorado in January 2016 to review and understand the marijuana policy and its potential implications for Massachusetts. They will spend a week or so in Colorado to explore how the state regulates and controls the recreational use of marijuana.

In total, four states - Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and District of Columbia have legalized the recreational use of pot. Supporters of marijuana have taken strong steps to legalize recreational marijuana in Massachusetts too. The ballot initiative is being planned for 2016.

The Special Senate Committee on Marijuana, which has 10 members, has taken the decision to visit Colorado after it became clear that petitioners would be successful in gathering enough signatures to put the question on the ballot in November 2016. Before that, the Senators want to study all aspects of recreational marijuana legalization by visiting Colorado, the first state to legalize recreational pot.

The Special Committee plans to issue a report by the end of February 2016 along with recommendations for the regulation of marijuana industry. Voters in Massachusetts have already approved legalization of medical marijuana and decriminalized the possession of small amount of pot.

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