Oregon Airport allows Marijuana on in-state Flights with Riders

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on July 14, 2015.

As people above 21 or older in Oregon have been allowed to possess and use recreational marijuana from July 1, the Portland Airport has given its consent to the passengers to carry pot on in-state flights. However, they have to follow the guidelines and carry the legal amount. They can't take marijuana out of state, as it remains prohibited under the law.

People can have up to 8 ounces in their homes and grow up to four plants out of public view. Oregon residents also can carry up to an ounce outside their homes, although it's illegal to smoke it in public. The Airport officials have been asked to notify the Portland Police if they find any marijuana on passengers. If they are not underage and carry the pot within permissible limits and are traveling within the state, they would be allowed to go.

People carrying marijuana, are advised to reach the airport prior to the scheduled time, as they will have to go through the Transportation Security Administration checkpoints where things may get delayed because of the verification process. While passengers traveling outside the state, would be asked to dispose of the pot to continue with their travel plan, travelers found with more than the permissible limits, would be subject to state and federal penalties.

Oregon, Alaska and District of Columbia joined Colorado and Washington state in 2014 to legalize recreational marijuana. However, the rules and regulations vary at various airports. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Washington allows travelers to carry legal amount of pot, but Denver International Airport has a strict policy banning possession and public display of marijuana.

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