Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley Opposes Anti-Vaporizer / e-Cig Senate Bill SB-140

Posted by Jon W on April 07, 2015.

I am opposed to the anti-e-cigarette bill, SB 140 by Senator Leno (D-SF).  This bill is aimed at demonizing e-cigarettes as a tobacco related product.

I support the position of California NORML “objecting to the bill on the grounds that I would jeopardize patients’ ability to lawfully medicate in virtually all indoor spaces, including private meeting rooms, lounges, restrooms, dining areas, places of employment, and even in patients’ own residences in many multi-unit dwellings.  Presently, vaporizers offer a safe and convenient way for patients to inhale their medicine in these and other areas where smoking I prohibited.  SB 140 would effectively force patients out on to the streets and 20 feet from doorways unless they can find one of the very rare legally allowed indoor smoking rooms, which are polluted by tobacco smoke.”

Vaporization is a harm reduction tool which should be embraced not demonized.  As stated by Cal NORML “E-cigarettes and vaporizers are fundamentally safer than smoking because they don’t emit the innumerable toxins, carcinogens, tars, and particulates produced by combustion.”

I also urge the Senate Health Committee and the legislature to amend SB 140 to exempt medical cannabis vaporizers from the definition of e-cigarettes.

Nate Miley

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