Public Health Offensive on E-Cigs in California

Posted by Jon W on January 29, 2015.

We're facing a public health juggernaut against e-cigs in CA.   The Dept of Pub Health has lined up with the American Lung Assoc, Heart Assoc and Cancer Society in attacking them as a  public health danger. 

The SF Chronicle has reversed its editorial position from last session, when it called regulations premature.

It will be difficult indeed to calm the fears of the public and legislators in the face of this  smokescreen of public health disinformation.

The BART board will be considering a rule to ban e-cigs like tobacco from its trains and stations on Feb. 12th. I'm debating whether to appear.  It would seem very difficult to defend vaping on trains, though I don't see why passengers shouldn't be allowed to vape at stations.  The instinct of regulators is to ban everything in case anyone complains.  I'm tempted to testify anyway if only to refute the American Lung Association's big lie that vaping is just as bad as smoking.

View BART proposal here, starting on page 39.

Dale Gieringer

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