Democrat Lawmakers seek use of Medical Marijuana in Indiana

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on January 21, 2015.

Two Democratic lawmakers have filed bills, seeking the use of medical marijuana in Indiana, but the bills may not make any moves due to stiff opposition. Sen. Karen Tallian of Portage and Rep. Sue Errington of Muncie are sponsoring the bills. Sue Errington is taking personal interest in the bills after his friend's daughter died in her 30s of a terminal illness. Errington revealed that the deceased woman was doing well as long as she could get high-grade marijuana.

The bills have been assigned to a House committee where they are unlikely to get a hearing. Tallian had earlier tried to decriminalize marijuana in Indiana with five different bills, but no bill has passed a committee so far. She has decided to adopt a new approach this year by focusing on medical use of the drug.

Although the 'Hoosier Survey' found majority of people supporting the legalization of marijuana by making it regulated substance like alcohol and tobacco, the Indiana General Assembly may not take these findings into account. Randy Miller, Executive Director of Drug Free Marion County, said, "Never in the history of our country has it happened where a substance or medicine is approved by legislation. We’re not saying there isn’t value; we’re just saying we’re going about this the wrong way.”

The Indiana State Medical Association too opposes the legalization of medical marijuana, saying the issue is not a legislative priority at all. 23 states in the U.S. have so far legalized medical marijuana, while Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska have legalized it for recreational use. Washington, D.C., has recently approved a marijuana ballot initiative, which is subject to Congressional review.

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