Kansas may join Nebraska and Oklahoma against Colorado

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on December 22, 2014.

While Nebraska and Oklahoma have already sued Colorado over its legalization of marijuana and claimed that they are facing influx of pot through the borders because of it, Kansas may join them in filing a lawsuit over the same issue. According to reports, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt has been considering legal action against Colorado for months, but the recent move by Nebraska and Oklahoma, has given him enough reasons to go ahead with his plan.

Derek Schmidt is weighing all options before he takes a final call. Nebraska and Oklahoma filed a lawsuit Thursday with the U.S. Supreme Court, urging it to declare marijuana legalization in Colorado as 'unconstitutional'. They are seeking the reversal of 2012 initiative in Colorado that allowed recreational use of marijuana in that state.

The latest development has triggered a massive debate across the United States. Many pro-Marijuana activists question the move by Nebraska, Oklahoma and Kansas, saying they don't have any right to interfere in the affairs of other states. They further argue that as nearly 1.4 million or 55% residents in Colorado voted to legalize marijuana, it can't be the business of its border states to intervene and seek scrapping of the law on flimsy grounds. They believe that these states are trying to hide their failure in maintaining law and order and passing the buck.

Oklahoma and Nebraska have claimed that they witnessed more arrests and legal battles because of the influx of marijuana in the recent months. According to these states, their law enforcement agencies are spending more time and funds to deal with marijuana menace even though their states have now allowed its use or sale till date. It would be interesting to see what decision Kansas takes after exploring all options.

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