Things to Know about Marijuana Legalization in Oregon

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on November 07, 2014.

Oregon made history on November 4 by allowing legalization of recreational sales and consumption of marijuana in the state. The ballot measure was passed by 55% to 45%, putting Oregon in the league of Colorado, Washington, D.C. and Alaska. Here are the most important changes that will take place in Oregon following the latest development.

  1. People in Oregon and the visitors will have to wait until at least July 1, 2015 to take advantage of the new initiatives. However, the legal sale may occur only after January 1, 2016, after getting the approval of Oregon Liquor Control Commission.
  2. Initially, an ounce of legal marijuana will cost about $330 or $12 a joint. In the black market, marijuana is sold at $177 an ounce.
  3. People of 21 year old or above irrespective of their resident status, can possess up to one ounce of marijuana outside and 8 ounces at home. They can also plant four plants of cannabis at home.
  4. There is a plan to get opinions from the Oregonians during the first half of 2015 on the preparation of draft rules and regulations.
  5. The law doesn't prohibit firms from firing employees who test positive for marijuana. so, that could be the bad news for the people of Oregon. As Pot is still illegal under federal law, many companies continue to have a zero tolerance policy towards its use.
  6. According to industry experts, Oregon may earn $17.5 million to $25.9 million in taxes during the first year of legal sales. It may go up further. 20% of the consumption is expected to be from tourists.

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