New Poll seeks Legalization of Marijuana in Delaware

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on October 17, 2014.

As the call to legalize marijuana is growing across the United States, a new poll conducted by the University of Delaware has revealed that 56 percent of Delawareans support legalization of marijuana use. Out of 902 adults that participated in the polls, just 39 percent opposed the move. The survey was conducted between September 10 and 22.

According to the University sources, the main opposition came from people older than 60 and some self-identified conservatives. The liberals and young adults came out in support of the move to legalize marijuana in the state. Interestingly, majority of poll respondents in all three counties of Delaware supported legalization of marijuana, saying that would help the youngsters and others find the legal way to lead their lives at will.

Among the conservatives, 39.2 percent favored legalization of marijuana. Similarly, just 36.9 percent of the people aged 60 or above backed it. However, 73 percent of the liberals gave a big thumbs up to the move. 48 percent of total respondents supported marijuana use in Sussex county, which is considered as the most conservative county of Delaware. 47.3 per cent respondents there opposed the move.

Paul Brewer, the political communications professor at the University of Delaware, who supervised the poll, observed that the voting pattern reflected the mood of the public at the state level and also found favor with the sentiments of people at the national level. Even though majority of people back the move to legalize marijuana in the state, the political establishment is not convinced about it. Governor Jack Markell remains opposed to full legalization of pot in Delaware.

The Governor's office has been in touch with legislators and other law enforcement bodies to study further about the ramifications of any such move to legalize marijuana in the state. Markell is reportedly averse to reducing the criminal penalties on small amounts of marijuana.

It can be noted that only Colorado and Washington DC have legalized the sale of both medical and recreational marijuana in their states. Other 22 states have allowed only the medical marijuana, which is still illegal under federal law.

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