DaVinci Ascent vs Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Comparison

Posted by Jon W on July 01, 2014.

Pinnacle Pro vs Davinci Ascent

Both the Da Vinci Ascent and Pinnacle Pro by Vaporblunt are very nice portable vapes. You can't really go wrong with either one, but without a doubt, the Ascent has better vapor quality thanks to its glass vapor path.

If these two vaporizers were the same price, I would choose the Ascent.

Reasons why the Ascent is better than the Pinnacle Pro

  • Ascent has a glass vapor path for cleaner flavor. The Pinnacle Pro's vapor path is plastic.
  • Vapor is cooler on the Ascent, since the vapor path spans the entire device. On the Pinnacle Pro, vapor is hotter because the vapor path is very short (the mouthpiece is right next to the heating chamber).
  • The Ascent feels more solid, hefty, and high quality. Pinnacle Pro feels lightweight and plastic.
  • Better temperature control settings on the Ascent.
  • From my experience, it feels like the Ascent has better battery life.

Reasons why the Pinnacle Pro is better than the Ascent

  • The bullet loading system of the Pinnacle Pro is very convenient. The Ascent is a little more clumsy to load.
  • The Pinnacle Pro is skinnier, lighter, and conceals better in your palm for stealth hits.
  • Some people may actually like the hot vapor of the Pinnacle Pro, because it feels more like conventional smoking.
  • Pinnacle Pro is compatible with the optional water filtration hydratube.
  • Pinnacle Pro is cheaper by about $70.

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