The Evoke, an Induction Powered "Smart" Vaporizer

Posted by Jon W on June 11, 2014.

Someone sent me a link about the Evoke, an induction powered vaporizer. You can't buy it yet, because it is still in the design stage, and they are trying to raise $70,000 USD to manufacture a prototype. Nevertheless, I am excited because The Evoke uses induction heating---something no one has ever tried before in a vape.

By now, if you have been reading my reviews, you have heard of convection and and conduction heating. For those who don't know:

  • Convection means that hot air is used to heat your material (herbs). The Volcano and VapeXhale Cloud EVO are good examples of a convection heating system.
  • Conduction means that your material is heated thru physical contact with a heat source. The Pax by Ploom uses conduction heating.
  • Induction means that an electrical alternating current is passed through a copper coil, which generates a magnetic field. A piece of metal with high electrical resistance is placed within the coils, and the magnetic field induces currents to run within the high-R metal. When electricity flows through metal with high-resistance, heat is generated.

Although the Evoke (designed by Loto Labs) is still in its design stages, I am excited to see new innovation and technology coming to the vaporizer industry.

Take a look at the Evoke team's lab video to see how induction vapes work:

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