Arizer Solo vs Pax by Ploom Comparison

Posted by Jon W on April 01, 2014.

Arizer Solo vs Pax

Both the Arizer Solo and Pax by Ploom are two of my favorite portable vaporizers. Both vapes have a really high-quality fit and finish.

The Arizer Solo has superior vapor quality, but the Pax is better for portability and stealth.

Reasons why the Arizer Solo is better than the Pax:

  • The Solo has better flavor thanks to its glass vapor path.
  • The Solo's heating design cooks herb very evenly to a golden brown.
  • The Solo wastes less herb because it uses a combination of conduction and convection heating while the Pax uses purely conduction.
  • The Solo has 7 temperature settings vs the Pax's 3 settings.
  • The Solo has nearly double the battery life as the Pax.
  • The Solo is easier to clean.
  • The Solo is cheaper.

Reasons why the Pax is better than the Arizer Solo:

  • The Pax is smaller, lighter, and stealthier to use.
  • The Pax is prettier and comes in 4 colors.
  • If you grind your herb too finely on the Solo, small bits of herb particles might get in your mouth. This is not an issue on the Pax.

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