Firefly vs Pinnacle Pro by Vaporblunt Comparison

Posted by Jon W on April 01, 2014.

Firefly vs Pinnacle Pro

Both the Firefly and Pinnacle Pro by Vaporblunt are pocket-sized vaporizers, but in my opinion, the Pinnacle Pro is a better device and also nearly $100 cheaper.

Reasons why the Firefly is better than the Pinnacle Pro:

  • The Firefly has a better fit and finish: Firefly is metallic and dense, while the PnP is molded plastic.
  • Firefly has a 5 year warranty while the PnP has a 1 year warranty.
  • Vapor on the Firefly is cooler because the vapor path of the Firefly is longer.
  • The Firefly has a glass + mesh heating chamber while the Pinnacle Pro has a stainless steel chamber.
  • The Firefly arguably conserves herbs better because it barely cooks the herb unless if you are taking a puff.

Reasons why the Pinnacle Pro is better than the Firefly:

  • The design of the Pinnacle Pro's heating chamber is superior. Herb cooks very evenly in the PnP and unevenly in the Firefly.
  • It is easier to get thick clouds on the PnP.
  • Small particles of herb don't get in your mouth on the PnP because there is a micro-mesh screen at the bottom of the mouthpiece.
  • The PnP can be used with both herbs and concentrates.
  • The PnP has 5 temperature settings. The Firefly has no settings.
  • The PnP is easier to use. Once the heating light stops blinking, the vape is good to go and will reliably deliver thick clouds.
  • Cleaning the PnP is easier because of its bullet loading system.
  • Battery life on the PnP seems better.
  • The PnP has an optional water filter pipe to cool down the vapor.
  • The PnP is nearly $100 cheaper.

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