Pinnacle Pro vs Pax by Ploom Comparison

Posted by Jon W on March 31, 2014.

Pinnacle Pro vs Pax

The Pax and Pinnacle Pro are currently my 2 favorite vaporizers for stealth usage (if you don't need stealth, I recommend the Arizer Solo). They are approximately the same size and weight, and conceal easily in the palm of your hand for discreet vaping.

You can't really go wrong with either, but here are some of my thoughts to help your decision.

Reasons why the Pinnacle Pro is better than the Pax:

  • The PnP has a better designed heating chamber, so herbs cook more evenly.
  • The PnP seems to conserve herb better because its heating system utilizes both conduction and convection.
  • The PnP can vape both herbs and concentrates.
  • The "bullet" loading system of the PnP makes loading and cleaning easier than the Pax.
  • The Pax has higher draw resistance than the PnP. The PnP feels like you are sipping soda while the Pax feels like you are sipping a milkshake.
  • The PnP has an optional water pipe attachment that cools the vapor down.
  • The PnP is about $70 cheaper.

Reasons why the Pax is better than the Pinnacle Pro:

  • The vapor of the PnP occasionally gets too hot and harsh on your throat because the mouthpiece is really close to the heating chamber.
  • The overall build quality of the Pax is slightly higher.
  • The temperature settings of the Pax seem more consistent.
  • The Pax has a longer warranty.
  • IMO, the Pax looks prettier.
  • Pax seems to have slightly longer battery life.

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