Sun Life Insurance Company to treat Marijuana Users as Non-smokers

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on May 31, 2016.

In a significant development, the major life insurance company in Canada ‘Sun Life’ has decided to treat marijuana users as non smokers-- while offering the group far cheaper premiums.

The decision of Sun Life certainly shows the sign of growing perceptions of marijuana use in the country, and other insurance companies are expected to follow the initiative.
The major insurance provider has for years classified anyone who disclosed using marijuana — either recreationally or for medical purposes — as a smoker, saddling them with charges that could be triple those of non-smokers.

According to the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR), which was passed in Canada in 2013, any sick Canadian in need of treatment can access marijuana that’s been grown in a safe and sterile environment.

The legality of adult marijuana use in Canada still lends to some confusion, as it’s technically still illegal unless there isproper documentation and registration with a marijuanaprovider under MMPR regulation.

However, Sun Life’s decision was likely motivated by what would have been an unthinkable factor for a legitimate corporation in the past, points out broker Lorne Marr of Toronto’s LSM Insurance.

In terms of normalizing marijuana as a medicine, this new development is paving the way for more Canadian private insurance companies to start covering the costs.

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