As President, I would respect Marijuana Legalization in Colorado: Ted Cruz

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on April 11, 2016.

In order to woo the Colorado delegates for final time, the Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Saturday revealed that, if elected as the president of the U.S.A., he would not interfere with Colorado's legalization of marijuana.

Cruz, during a stop in Colorado, said that the legalization of recreational marijuana is a matter that “we should leave to the states.”

45 year old Texas senator also said he would vote against legalizing marijuana in his home state, but declared that he would respect the decision that people of Colorado have made under the federal structure of the U.S. Constitution.

"When it comes to drug legalization, personally, I would vote against marijuana legalization. If the state of Texas had a referendum on it, I would vote no. But, I think it is the prerogative of the states to make that determination. I think the people of Colorado have the right to make the decision that they've made under the Constitution, and as President, I would respect that right," revealed Cruz.

Meanwhile, Cruz didn’t take his stand on the question of expanding banking services for the marijuana industry, saying he hasn't studied the issue and needed to learn more before taking a position.

In the past, Cruz was very critical regarding President Barack Obama’s lack of action against state marijuana legalization. However, he seems to have evolved on this issue, and at least seems to respect states’ rights when it comes to marijuana policy.

The position of Texas senator on marijuana legalization is important, because as the primaries go along and if he keeps gaining ground on Donald Trump, he could be the GOP nominee. It will be interesting to see if his position stays the same or if he revolves on the issue again if he becomes the front runner for the White House.

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